Business Grant for Felons

Having done their time behind the bars, the convicted felons need some help from the government as well as the society to get back into the mainstream. Often it is found that employers are reluctant to offer any job to a convicted felon. A couple of years ago, the Bureau of Justice carried out a survey, where it was found that only 12.5% of the total employers have agreed to accept job application from those who have been convicted of a crime. This is by no means an encouraging situation.

Under such circumstances, the best option for the felons would be to start a business. However, there are certain constraints that one needs to face. Capital is one of the most important requirements to start a business. This is where Business Grant for Felons come into the picture. In the following section, a brief insight will be offered on a few business grants that the convicted felons can opt for

Business Grant for Felons – Few Options

Here are a couple of options when it comes to Business Grant for Felons.

  • The Correctional facility: For those who are presently incarcerated, they should avail all the resources which are available to them before they are released. There are many correctional facilities which conduct different types of programs that allow the inmates to gain a skill which can also be very helpful for them if they wish to start a business.
  • The Community: The programs which have been designed to assist felons to start a new business are usually locally based and small in nature. One can use the following resources to find if there is any such program that exists near them
  • State Government Offices/Websites
  • County Government Offices/Websites
  • City Government Offices/Websites
  • Different religious organizations
  • Local and state economic development organizations/agencies
  • Business Grants and Federal Education Loans: There are many ways a convicted felon can gain skills in different fields which they think would be important to start a business. They need to acquire certification or degree for it. With the help of federal student loan and or Federal Pell Grant, they can afford to pursue a course of their choice.
  • Freelancers: This is one of the best options that are available to the convicted felons. They can easily start a freelancing business which requires a minimum investment. There are many websites available that offer tons of different projects for freelancers from different domains.

There are different types of government programs that offer Business Grant for Felons. Thankfully, the situation has improved over the last couple of years and these days, convicted felons having done their time behind the bars are given a fair chance to pursue a normal life. These business grants have proven to be very useful for them as they help the felons to get hold of the required resources that are necessary to start a business. Today, felons are given an opportunity to lead a proper social life after they get released from the correctional facilities.