Business Grants

Opting for Business Grant

Grant money works better than opting for a loan when you want to start a small business. The biggest advantage of this is there is no requirement of repaying this. This money is normally provided free for different activities of a specific business. You need to be aware that a small business grant needs more of planning. This can be handled by professionals as the application process is not only lengthy but also time-consuming.

Finding Business Grants:

These business grants are usually available through specific state and local programs, groups or even non-profit organizations. There is a possibility of state providing grants for creating technology which is energy efficient, expansion of centers of child care or for the development of marketing campaigns for state tourism. For these types of grants you either need to combine the grant with a loan or have matching funds. The amount tends to vary according to the business.

Types of Business Grants:

There are different forms of government grants. You have the choice between free equipment to reduced costs or even cash awards. Most often the government grants are equity finance, direct grants or soft loan.

*Equity Finance:

This business grant is almost 50% reduction on investments or income tax on new businesses. The business needs to have a minimum of 25 employees and be less than 2 years old.

*Direct Grant:

This money is directly for the new business for covering up the expenses of start-up equipment, training or probably reaching out to the overseas market. These grants are given only if the business can provide almost 50% of the grant.

*Soft Loan:

These are loans but with a much lower rate of interest with acceptable terms. Most of these are specifically for special businesses.

Tips for Business Grants:

This whole process of getting a business grant can be easy only if you follow some tips listed below.

  1. Ensure you seek professional help. The experts can make this business grant easier and convenient. You need to look for either an accountant or an expert on grant consultation. The application for a business grant is long procedure. The business should have set goals and a specific plan for the business.
  2. The information provided for a business grant needs to be accurate with the smallest of details looked into. Smallest of errors in details provided can lengthen the total process. Only professionals can ensure that the application is completed in the apt manner.
  3. The owner needs to be in touch with the grant officer on a regular basis. You need to find out what possible concerns can arise of a grant application.

You need to find out which particular grant is applicable for your business and then take the required steps. This business grant can be a big boon for any business only if the whole process is done in an organized and systematic manner. Ensure you make a study of all the resources available for business grants and make the apt choice with the help of a professional.