Free Government Grants and loans for small businesses

Free Government Grants and Loans for Small Businesses

A small business can be within the reach of the business owner with the apt free government grants and loans for small businesses. The capital required in the initial stages of a business can ensure that the credibility in the market works well for a business. You need to be aware that government loans are offered through direct lenders or banks which partner the US Small Business Association (SBA). The loans are of low interest and long term and thus work convenient for those looking to start a small business.

Grant from the Government:

When talking about the free government grants and loans for small businesses you need to know that this is how the government funds projects and ideas to stimulate the economy and provide services to the public. The government grants, specifically, support innovative research, initiatives for critical recovery and other programs which are listed.

Who can get a Government grant?

Grants are awarded by the federal government to local and state governments, researchers, universities , organizations, law enforcement and institutions that are planning on projects which can benefit different parts of the population or even a specific community.

Government loans for Small businesses:

Getting a loan from a for-profit lender is tough as they are not willing to offer loans to those who do not have a strong financial history or a credit report. In the government loans for small businesses you do require a credit history and you will need to follow the instructions set for the period of repayment. The interest rate is also decided by the government. These rates of interest set by the government are lower as compared to those set by a private lender.

Information on Government Loans for Small Businesses:

Government loans are offered by credit unions and banks that are connected to the SBA. A guarantee authorized by the government backs each loan offered and this adds to the credibility of the loan. The lender is sure of being repaid in case of any default. These loans are available for

*Financing improvement of the leasehold

*Purchase of new machinery, parts, equipment and more

*Refinancing the existing debt

*Establishing of the line of credit.

Qualifying for the Government loan:

The free government grants and loans for small business require specific factors to be considered.

1. Investment of personal money and time in the business

2. A credit score which is considered as ‘strong’

3. Plan for a profitable business

4. Tried other financing options

You have multiple business owners opting for the 7(a) loan for the working capital of a business. The fixed amount of money lent by the government needs to be repaid at a fixed rate of interest over the specified period of time.  For a loan required on a short-term you have the option of the Microloan Program. This is used for purchase of office furniture, goods, computers, transportation and more.

For financing on a long term basis there is the option of the 504 fixed assets Program.

The different options available in the free government grants and loans for small businesses, work convenient for most entrepreneurs.