Grants to Start a Business

What are the popular start-up business grants in 2019?

If you are not having enough of funds in your hand to start off a business then you can rely on grants tostart a business. Nowadays, many types of grants are available for starting new businesses. You will get the best one on the basis of your business purpose and nature.

Popular grant types for startups in 2019:

  • SBIR: Start-up businesses concentrated over Research, innovation and development for developing innovative technologies. A complete business-proposal needs to be submitted including estimated costs, executive summary, technical proposal and planning.
  • STTR: Small businesses intending to unite with institutions dealing with nonprofit-researches, federal research And Development Centers and universities receive STTR grants.
  • NASE: NASE offers growth grants of about $4000 to their members. Application must include utilization pattern of grants for business, purpose or need explanation and business planning.
  • FedEx: Almost ten small-businesses are being rewarded with FedEx grants every year. First position-holder receives $25000 along with $7500 on FedEx business services and prints, second holder receives $15000 along with $5000 on FedEx business services and prints and third position-holders get $75000 with $1000 on FedEx business services and prints.
  • Street Shares Foundation: Veteran-owned small-scale businesses can now get benefitted from grants by Street Shares Foundation. Three grant prizes are given where first one gets $15000, second one gets $6000 and the third one gets $4000. Applicants should be of 21 years in age and they should be active members of armed forces of US. Two-minute short videos need to be submitted along with application revealing business nature, benefits and grants.
  • Womens Net: Amber grants are getting issued to female-owned businesses by Womens Net since 1998. Here, contests are held where businesses got $1000 grants participate and lucky winners can receive even up to $10000 for their businesses. Here, participants need to bear an application-fee of about $15.
  • Visa:These grants are offered by Visa Everywhere Initiative to their partners who are concerned in meeting with the basic visa requirements. This is how partnerships with customers and merchants can be easily strengthened. It helps in exploring improved access towards digital-payment systems where technology is used for tackling commerce and financial management.
  • MBDA: US commerce department issues the grant of Minority Business Development Agency to entrepreneurs belonging to ethnic minorities. In this case, award amount keeps in varying from one qualified business to another.  These grants play a great role in expanding your business far and wide. You have to wait minimum for six months for the application to mature and only MBDA registered businesses can qualify to get these grants.
  • Idea Café: Every year Idea café issues almost $1000 grants to entrepreneurs for starting new businesses. Only selected finalists can get the chance of receiving both $1500 for advertising and prize along with free publicity. Since these grants cannot be easily gained therefore you cannot consider them as lucrative. Smart presentation with small need of fund can be a wise approach for receiving these grants.

You will not be able to secure necessary grants to start a business if you fail to make the application in quite a systematic manner. Standard grant application rules need to be abided on a sincere note for receiving grants on time.