Personal Need Grants

There is no way you can be totally prepared for the unpredictable circumstances in life. There needs to be some sort of support system to help during difficult times and this is where the personal needs grant steps in. You need to be aware that the government does offer grants to help people pay specific expenses and sail through the tough times they are facing.

Working of Personal Needs Grants:

These personal needs grants are offered to those who are eligible in accordance to the requirement and need the money for a set of expenses which have been approved. This personal need grant is definitely a blessing as, unlike loans, there is no repayment required.

Most of the grants are given to institutions like hospitals, universities and also non-profits.

Applying for a Personal Needs Grant:

Listed below is the step-by-step procedure for applying for the Personal Need grants. The government offers a database of grants. You need to go through this to determine which grant is apt for your requirement.

1. Outlining Needs:

You need to outline the need and ensure you focus on the short term and the long term.

2. Review:

Go through the guidelines and requirements of the funds provider and familiarize with the documentation required.

3. Questionnaire:

Fill out the questionnaire ensuring the contact information is proper. You need to be aware that you need to specify your need and the reason for applying for the grant. Government based grants do not offer cash.

4. Applying for the Personal Needs grant:

Application for each grant is different and there might be a proposal for research, information on finances, letter of recommendation and present resume.

Personal Needs Grants Available for Disabled:

Some personal needs grants which you can apply for are listed below. These are specifically for those who are handicapped in some way.

*Home Improvement Structural Alterations:

The HISA grant can be applied by a veteran who has been in the Veteran’s Hospital within one year of the application and whose needs require modifications for accessibility. If the disability of the recipient is related to service grants amounting to $4,100 for the installation and the construction costs of the required ramps is offered. Disabilities which are not related to services are offered grants up to $1,200.

*United Cerebral Palsy Association:

The UCPA provides funding for improvement in homes and also for equipping homes with the required technical support to promote independent living.

Other Personal Needs Grants:

Besides offering grants for the disabled there are a number of personal needs grant offered by the government. You can look for a grant to pay off the rent, pay medical bills, funding for education and a lot more.

It is advisable to conduct a research of the available personal needs grant and find out the eligibility factor. Government grants tend to be safe and secure and there are no requirements of any middle-men. Opt for a website which does not require any payment. This works out safer.